Our Work

Below you’ll find a partial collection of previous concerts and tours that AGM has hosted and produced.

“Ragnarok Online” Concert

November 26, 2016 @ Shanghai Symphony Orchestra

Our most recent concert, hosted in Shanghai at the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, was a sold-out performance by a star-studded cast of musicians celebrating the release of Ragnarok Online on mobile platforms and looking at the future release of virtual reality (VR) functionality, coming in early 2017 in the form of an open beta.

Along with Ragnarok Online’s CEO taking the stage to announce the game’s new functionality, guests at the event were treated to an exclusive performance of RO’s music by Tokyo-based GaQdan symphony, conducted by Hi-Five partner “TaQ” Sakakibara, one of the Japan’s top composers, as well as THE SxPLAY.

“A celebration of Ragnarok Online and an exciting look into the future of VR MMO games.”


Rayark “VOEZ” Concert

May 14th, 2016 @ Shanghai Grand Himalaya Theater

In May of 2016 we produced and managed a live concert for Taiwan-based game developer Rayark, maker of global hit mobile games Implosion and Deemo, among others.

Along with Rayark’s CEO taking the stage to announce the next step in Rayark’s thrilling journey to global notoriety, a number of Hi-Five artists performed at the event, including TaQ, Zeta, and THE SxPLAY.

“A celebration of music from Rayark titles and welcoming of their newest title: Voez”


We have much more planned for 2017!

Come and visit us again as we update this page with information on future events.