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THE SxPLAY’s “Guardian” EP & Accompanying Tour

March 4th, 2017

THE SxPLAY began her nationwide tour of China last year on the 30th of October 2016 and hit six cities: Beijing, Chongqing, Changsha, Chengdu, Wuhan, and lastly, Guangzhou on the 19th of November. Along with the tour came a new EP, called Guardian (守护者 in Chinese) along with the FOUR-Y orchestra. A portion of the release is a live recording created in collaboration with FOUR-Y – exciting!

Tour dates:

10/30: Beijing Modernsky LAB
11/6: Chongqing Nuts Livehouse
11/12: Changsha 46 Livehouse
11/13: Chengdu Little Bar Space
11/18: Wuhan Vox
11/19: Guangzhou Lefu Live House

The Sxplay携全新EP「Guardian 守护者」开启中国巡演


The Sxplay自2016年10月30日开始启动了全中国巡演活动,此次巡演计划共有6站行程,分别为北京、重庆、长沙、成都、武汉、广州。巡演计划于11月19日在广州收官。

The Sxplay将带着自己蜕变后全新EP「Guardian 守护者」回到中国,与广大粉丝见面!同时,此次中国巡演很荣幸的邀请到了「FOUR-Y乐团」进行联合巡演。由「FOUR-Y乐团」联合呈现的部分曲目的LIVE版本尤为值得期待。


2016年10月30日 北京Modernsky LAB
2016年11月6日 重庆 坚果Livehouse
2016年11月12日 长沙 46 Livehouse
2016年11月13日 成都 小酒馆空间【万象城】
2016年11月18日 武汉 VOX Livehouse【汉口店】
2016年11月19日 广州 乐府 Livehouse

“Teemo’s New Year” & League of Legends

February 24th, 2017

No matter where you’re from there’s a high likelihood you’ve heard of the global hit game League of Legends, developed by Riot Entertainment and published in China by none other than Tencent. What you might not know is that this year Tencent worked with AGM’s American production duo Mr. Fantastic to produce a song for the game’s Chinese New Year celebration, titled “Timo’s New Year”. Along with unveiling this new song, Tencent invited a number of League of Legends personalities and celebrities to join the festivities, including professional gamers, producers who work on the game, and more.

Simultaneously broadcasted on 12 different live streaming platforms across China, the program is estimated to have reached over 10 million viewers.

The video wasn’t online for long before receiving feedback from fans and players across the internet, accruing in hundreds of likes and shares on the video. Click the image below to view.



春节将近,由腾讯游戏官方制作的英雄联盟主题大型真人秀节目《英雄联盟拜年秀》于2017年2月23日开始在各大直播平台及官方渠道同步上线。节目邀请了55开、PDD等前职业选手及知名主播参与英雄联盟主题的游戏,并配合新年集英雄卡送英雄皮肤的活动为广大玩家送去新年的祝福。节目在春节期间在12个直播平台上同步直播,且在20余视频平台播放,其在线观看,视频播放量累计破千万。其中主题曲《提莫的新年》由Hi Five / AGM操刀创作并发行。

《提莫的新年》围绕英雄联盟题材,在欢乐的节奏中为玩家朋友送去新年的祝福同时引发了玩家对于歌词内容的共鸣。其中曲作者是来自美国的知名音乐人Mr. Fantastic,词作者为资深英雄联盟玩家本尼,由腾讯旗下电竞美少女团体TXG演绎完成。上线后24小时在腾讯视频及各大音乐平台引发强烈反响,其中仅网易云音乐便迅速积累了300余条好评。


V.K’s 2017 Tour of China Preview

February 20th, 2017

V.K fans across the country have a new series of mind-blowing performances to witness, starting with China’s three most prominent cities: Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Known for his classical piano performances, V.K has transcended the traditional music performance roots which he came from, appealing to a new audience. The passion of fans across China have spread remarkably encouraging messages across the internet, on Weibo, Baidu Tieba, and other fan platforms.

V.K can’t wait to share his years of experience and joy of music with old and new fans. In a message directed to his fans, V.K writes: “Hello, I am V.K, a professional pianist by trade and a gamer in my spare time. To those who might not be familiar with me or my music, I hope to open your eyes and heart to a new type of music. If we don’t meet now, then when?”

Crowd funding campaigns are online now and after concluding in March of 2017, the tour is scheduled to begin in May.



@北京 @上海 @广州





We’re looking forward to V.K’s upcoming 2017 tour!

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