“One of the most famous game song producers in Japan”

About Onoken

Onoken is well known with his melodious tones in his music. Good at piano sounds and orchestrations, he is originally became popular for his techno, goa trance or rock taste music. After awarded as the “All genre top ranker” and got a sweeping victory in its Techno genre at the Japanese indie music web portal ”MUSIE”, he released his 1st CD album “Swell Strings” in 2003, which hit 8,000 sales at once.

His experiences in numerous recording sessions led him to make digital sounds and organic sounds get together which is extremely expressed in his 2nd CD album,”Blue Orb” that was fully cooperated with gaQdan, the recording professional orchestra in Japan which ongaq established in 2011.

For this album, he achieved to have his music played by Czech National Symphonic Orchestra which became in the news in all over the world.

These days, Onoken has been contributing his music to TV animation series “Accel World” and the animation movie “The messenger from the sea” which he provided the theme music and the ending song, he is yet well known in game industries such as pop’n music series, beatmania, jubeat and REFLEC BEAT of KONAMI, PS3 “TOKYO JUNGLE”, Kingdom Hearts 1.5HD Remix (orchestration), iOS game”Dark Ring” of beeline interactive Japan, “TETRIS Monster” of Electonic Arts, “AO no Sangokushi” of Colopl and so on.

He is also known as one of the original composers from the startup period of Cytus which is now a blockbuster title and Deemo, for which he provided his music as its ending theme and achieved his show in front of 2,000 audience in Taiwan.