Born in rural Japan, THE SxPLAY came to notoriety when she was discovered through a singing competition in Tokyo.Since then, she has risen through the ranks to become a prominent singer with a number of accolades, including being featured on the Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack.

“A role model for independent women with the voice of an angel”

THE SxPLAY’s Releases

THE SxPLAY,25-year old singer songwriter born in 1990, an independent artist.

At the age of 17 (as a high school sophomore), she competed with over 1,000 contestants and took the grand prize at a national vocalist audition run by a major record label.

She made her debut in April 2009 with a mini-album “KIMI NI OKURU UTA”, which got several million downloads. Her second maxi-single, “KIMI GA IRUKARA” was released in December and was used as the theme song and insert song for “Final Fantasy XIII”.

In February 2014, she posted a story on “STORYS.JP”, a website that posts life experiences in “story” form. Her story, “I quit being a major artist. Contemplating going indie from a major debut”, ranked in at #1
THE SxPLAY released her first mini-album, “Call To Action” on May 28. In December, she went on a “MUSIC PARADE” joint tour of Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka with Yasuha Kominami. They sold a venue-exclusive CD, titled “Lost Castle”, under the name THE SxPLAY & Yasuha Kominami.