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We pride ourselves on the services that we offer. Read more about what we offer below, and click the More Info button to reveal more details about that particular service.

Game Truck Exhibition & Tours

AGM is an innovator in creating China’s first “Game Truck” which is a completely customized 18-wheeler that travels across the country performing and broadcasting exhibitions. Aside these touring shows, we have arranged, organized and performed “Flash Mobs” across the country to arouse organic interest in game and animation products from industry leaders.

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Concert Production & Design

We can not only help you and your products with their music production in the very beginning, but we specialize in game and animation production, which is a mature market in the Middle Kingdom. Working with leading artists in this industry space, we deliver world-class results in a live setting. In addition to concerts we also offer consulting services for product design.

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Copyright Management & Development

Here you’ll find works and video material from our artists, composers, production teams and live performances.

Professional copyright management: for overseas artists interested in creating or expanding their presence in China, we elevate and promote your content to better communicate with the world’s largest market.

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One-Stop Music Production

Dubbing for theme song production, back ground music, sound effects and more. From planning to writing, recording, copyright and post production. Truly a one-stop shop.

We’ll take your existing work and put an entirely new spin on it. Perhaps you have a timeless classic that you want to deliver to a new, younger audience. Our skilled producers and composers will elevate your work and deliver a final product that will astound your audience and open up an entirely new demographic.

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Cutting Edge Artists

We work with some of the best singers, bands and composers in the industry. If you’re looking for top-notch performance or production you have come to the right place. Artists include:

  • THE SxPLAY (Japan)
  • TaQ (Japan)
  • Zeta (China)
  • V.K (Taiwan)
  • Masaki Kawasaki (Japan)
  • Mr. Fantastic (USA)
  • Osamu Kubota (Japan)
  • Onoken (Japan)
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Interested in Learning More?

Download the AGM informational packet below in PDF format to get a more detailed view into what services AGM provides.

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