V.K , whose real name is Xu Qin Yi, come from TaiwanKeelung, a new Age musiccomposer and popular pianovirtuoso . His composing and performing works have covered a variety of fields such as individual instrumental album, soundtrack, video game music, advertising music, as music director of many films and he is good at improvisation.

“A powerful force to be reckoned with, whether on stage at the piano or in the studio.”

V.K’s Releases

  • Launched in 2009, the first personal album “Mirror night” a piece of piano creation has caused the majority of echo and topic,          beating “Kevin Bernard Cohen.”——top foreign music masters title of the three years on “heart play list”
  • Launched in 2010, the second album, “infinite love“, once again hit the champion of mind playing kinds of charts.
  • In the same year he held his first big ticket concert in Taipei zhongshan hall
  • In 2012 in Taipei, Taizhong, Gaoxiong and Shanghai, V.K finished “I am Infinity” concert tour.
  • In 2013 V.K launched the third movement: his third album, which included more than the first movie, video game music works. This album came to be the first work which across multiple platforms in Taiwan’s history.
  • In 2014 V.K had a collaboration with Li Ding,the director of the film “the placecannot be reached”. V.K played as music director        and made the BGM and theme song of the movie. What’s more, the theme song was published and performed by Jam Hsiao(萧敬腾)
  • In 2015, V.K made the announcement that he will open the Japanese market, in the same time in Taiwan, he released personal album of new songs selected:“Our Story – the best of V.K “. In December in the same year, V.K hold the “Best for     You”     concert in TICC Taipei international conference center.