Mr. Fantastic

With offices on both coasts, Mr Fantastic is an elite team of composers, songwriters, producers and sound engineers working with Grammy award-winning artists and international superstars. Their music is featured in major films and television programs all around the world.

“LA and NYC-based music production powerhouse”

Mr. Fantastic Bio & Releases

Mr Fantastic has produced music for a number of China’s most popular recording artists, including:

●  Momo Wu

●  Jason Zhang

●  Summer

●  Na Ying, and many more

Mr. Fantastic was behind the massive music marketing campaign for Momo Wu and Pepsi China. The song “Live For Now”, co-written and produced by Mr. Fantastic, helped Momo become an “overnight” star in China and broke the Chinese record as the most watched music video with over 300 million views. View that video here:

Mr. Fantastic organized a project which involved their songwriting/producing, legendary “hitman” producer David Foster (performing/music mentoring), and The Voice of China (#1 show in China reaching over 40 million viewers per week). The episode shooting and other related activities took place in Shanghai.

Mr. Fantastic also scored a film documentary called Himalaya: Ladder to Paradise about the Sherpas who climb Mount Everest. Working closely with the film production team in Beijing, Mr. Fantastic’s team consisted of co-founders Peter Habib and Adam Nierow, Clio Award-winning composer Judson Crane, Grammy Award-winning mix engineer Richard Furch, and other top musicians. The blending of traditional Tibetan and Chinese instruments, Tibetan folk melodies, and modern sound design enriched the film’s inspirational stories.

In addition to Chinese artists, Mr. Fantastic has written and produced for some of South Korea’s most popular recording artists , including TVXQ, SHINee, Girls’ Generation, Changmin, Cross Gene, Wonder Girls, and more.