Game music producer, a talented and rising star,China’s star composer and musician, featured in Video Games Live, China’s largest game industry music event.

“The rising star of China’s animation and game music industry”

Zeta’s Bio & Releases

A graduate of well-known music academy CCOM,from learning the piano, a breakthrough artist in music, well versed in live performance and scoring of games, advertisements and television. China’s star composer and musician, featured in Video Games Live.

• 2014 VGL inShanghai Link:http://dwz.cn/3tX9Gt

•《Contra suite》Link:http://dwz.cn/3tXcXI

•《Brush the blood song》Link:http://dwz.cn/3tXedy

Hezong is a Chinese supergroup of well-known domestic performers, hailing from a diverse range of backgrounds, uniting to create something really special. Each of the four members of the band, which include a drummer, a keyboardist, a guitarist and bass player, have a decorated background of performances on China’s biggest stages, including China’s national hit television show The Voice of China (中国好声音).

It wasn’t just on the nation’s largest musical television show where Hezong established itself, but on the largest stages across the country, performing with China’s biggest music stars like Jane Zhang, Sha Baoliang, Shang Wenjie and more. Together, these musicians at the top of their trade create an atmosphere of consummate professionalism and musical excellence, each of them able to captivate large audiences on their own with their technical virtuosity.