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We work with some of the best artists that you will find in this region of the world, including singers, musicians, producer, composers and so much more. We are constantly signing new artists and expanding upon our portfolio of creative talent. Follow the links below to see more about each artist or to submit a booking request.


Born in rural Japan, THE SxPLAY came to notoriety when she was discovered through a singing competition in Tokyo. Since then, she has risen through the ranks to become a prominent singer with a number of accolades, including being featured on the Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack.

In May 2016, She joined AGM’s Rayark Concert held in Shanghai which is the first time she performed in China. Since then, we’ve hosted a nationwide tour for her, in late 2016.

“A role model for independent women with the voice of an angel”

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Hailing from Taipei, Taiwan, V.K is an incredible force to be witnessed as a performer.

Frequently referred to by fans as “Jay Chou on a piano”, there is no doubting that he is a force to be reckoned with. What many don’t know is how versatile and skilled V.K is, whether in a performance or production role. With years of experience in the studio working on not just his own original productions but remixes and commercial television scores, V.K is as well rounded as they come.

Now is an amazing time to cooperate with V.K as he appears to be at the top of his game in 2016.

“A powerful force to be reckoned with, whether on stage at the piano or in the studio.”

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A veteran composer and producer with extensive experience in symphony production and performance, TaQ is musician of exceptional skill. Born in Germany but of Japanese descent, TaQ premiered at Carnegie Hall in NYC before working extensively with Konami on game composition and then scoring films like The Shaman.

TaQ became famous among the youth of not just Japan but the world with his numerous production works for Konagi’s blockbuster arcade game “Beatmania”. Since then, TaQ has worked with countless other reputable global brands, including Chevrolet, VW, Buick, Lexus, BMW and Yamaha.

“Among the most respected names in Japanese game scoring”

Mr. Fantastic

With offices on both coasts, Mr Fantastic is an elite team of composers, songwriters, producers and sound engineers working with Grammy award-winning artists and international superstars. Their music is featured in major films and television programs all around the world. Mr Fantastic has produced music for a number of China’s most popular recording artists, including Momo Wu, Jason Zhang, Summer, Na Ying and more.

“LA and NYC-based music production powerhouse”

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Game music producer, a talented and rising star, China’s star composer and musician, featured in Video Games Live Graduate from CCOM, from learning the piano, a breakthrough artist in music, well versed in live performance and scoring of games, advertisements and television. China’s star composer and musician, featured in Video Games Live.

When it comes to the intersection of the games industry and music, Zeta has done it all. A force to be reckoned with.

“Zeta is at the top of China’s anime and game music industry”

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Osamu Kubota

Osamu Kubota majored in linguistics at the French literature faculty of the University of Tokyo and speak eight different languages (Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Korean and more). His debut in music was a band keyboardist in 1989. Prior to that, he began piano lessons at the age of four. In 1999, he joined KONAMI at the recommendation of TaQ, good-cool and dj TAKA.

It’s been all uphill from there for Osamu, who has done everything from compose music for hit series to conduct symphonies across Japan and now China as well.

“Osamu Kubota: A master conductor with a trick up his sleeve.”


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Masaki Kawasaki

Masaki Kawasaki is a composer and arranger who is based in Tokyo Japan. He has written music for various media, including film, video games, theatre productions, mobile apps and more.

Masaki is currently joining in Co. ongaq as a composer and has a professional contract as a sound creator with mobcast inc.

He holds a BM degrees, Summa cum laude, in composition from SUNY Fredonia. His primary teacher has been Dr. Paul Coleman.

“Masaki Kawasaki: a rising Japanese composer and arranger.”


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Onoken is well known with his melodious tones in his music. Good at piano sounds and orchestrations, he is originally became popular for his techno, goa trance or rock taste music. After awarded as the “All genre top ranker” and got a sweeping victory in its Techno genre at the Japanese indie music web portal ”MUSIE”, he released his 1st CD album “Swell Strings” in 2003, which hit 8,000 sales at once.

“One of the most famous game song producers in Japan”


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