Osamu Kubota

“A brilliant genius for language: a game music producer and a traditional composer offering jazz, classical and swing pieces.”

About Osamu Kubota

Osamu Kubota majored in linguistics at the French literature faculty of the University of Tokyo and speak eight different languages (Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Korean and more). His debut in music was a band keyboardist in 1989. Prior to that, he began piano lessons at the age of four. In 1999, he joined KONAMI at the recommendation of TaQ, good-cool and dj TAKA. Being one of the most unique artists to step into BEMANI, Osamu provided the games with a variety of tunes, often incorporating sounds from all over the world. Unlike other artists in the series, Osamu was more driven to a more classical sound, offering jazz, classical and swing pieces.

Aside from BEMANI, he works extensively with Granado Espada, one of the world wide MMO titles that has been launched in all over the world. From 2010, He joined ongaq after the long cooperation with TaQ and became a senior composer of the company. Working with TaQ, onoken and the recording orchestra gaQdan, his music taste is getting more and more colorful. Osamu also participated in a range of video games, television and movie scores, albums, and band projects such as 映画『一个陌生女人的来信』(China 2004), 『Mirocrorze』(Japan 2012) and others.